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MORSEMetal-Organic Research for Semiconductor Epitaxy
MORSEMathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Economics
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Barnicot's rooms were the exact duplicates of the one which was destroyed in Morse Hudson's shop?
On the other hand, this Morse Hudson is the purveyor of busts in that part of London, and these three were the only ones which had been in his shop for years.
Morse Hudson, of the Kennington Road, and see if he can throw any light upon the problem.
Well, that's all we could reasonably expect from Morse Hudson," said Holmes, as we emerged from the shop.
A reference to his books showed that hundreds of casts had been taken from a marble copy of Devine's head of Napoleon, but that the three which had been sent to Morse Hudson a year or so before had been half of a batch of six, the other three being sent to Harding Brothers, of Kensington.
He managed to find employment with Morse Hudson, and in that way tracked down three of them.
Miss Penelope Morse, however, had little to say to them.
It makes the case very interesting, the inspector declared, "especially when we find him engaged to lunch with a young lady of such remarkable discretion as miss Penelope Morse.
No, I have no absolute knowledge of Miss Penelope Morse.
Morse was an accessory to murder and found that no gun was shot from Mr.
It was a gloomy prospect for Lewis fans who found comfort in the show following the demise of the original Inspector Morse series.
24m to win the competition and leave him battling for the two available places along with Morse and Carl Myerscough to join Lawrence Okoye in London.