MORTIMesopause Oxygen Rotational Temperature Imager
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Valgrisi published a Simolachri historie e figure de la morte and in 1546 an Imagines mortis (reproducing the Latin translation issued in Lyon by the Frellon house the preceding year); in 1549 the Frellon house responded with its own Italian edition, dismissing Valgrisi's claims that his edition had better engravings than the original set (Mortimer, 309, 337; and on Valgrisi's 1545 edition see Grendler, 1977, 166).
Et hanc dixit et asseruit dictus testator esse et esse velle suum testamentum et suam ultimam volumtatem, quam et quod prevalere voluit omnibus aliis testamentis, codicillis et donationibus causa mortis et quibuscunque ultimis voluntatibus per eum actenus factis.
Not only does he accuse the old men of being in the place of their homes (and hence of being more bold), but Dinus's pronta risposta is intended to poke fun at their old age: "senio scilicet eorum et vicine mortis alludens" (83-84).