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MOSAICMobility Strategy Applications in the Community (EU)
MOSAICMultifunctional On-the-move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications (US Army Advanced Technology Demonstration)
MOSAICModeling System for Advanced Investigation of Countermeasures
MOSAICMaui Optical Systems and Imaging Center (Kihei, HI)
MOSAICModels and Simulations: Army Integrated Catalog
MOSAICMeteosat Operational System for Data Acquisition and Interchange
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Some of these were carved in bas-relief; others were delineated in mosaics, while still others appeared to have been painted upon the surface of the wall.
said the smoking gentleman, in the Mosaic jewellery.
There were vases, and figures of men and animals, and graven platters and bowls, and mosaics of precious gems, and many other things.
The room was well lighted by a number of large windows and was beautifully decorated with mural paintings and mosaics, but upon all there seemed to rest that indefinable touch of the finger of antiquity which convinced me that the architects and builders of these wondrous creations had nothing in common with the crude half-brutes which now occupied them.
Providing industry experts with a MOSAIC database format allows companies to cater to a wider audience of potential buyers and creates long-term value creation.
BEIRUT: Mosaic conversation in Lebanon has received a boost recently with the opening of Byblos' new Research and Heritage Conservation Center, which in November hosted a monthlong workshop on preservation practices.
In an interview with SANA, Khouri said that he has been working for over 40 years as a craftsman , adding that he has faced several obstacles and spent long hours training till he mastered mosaic art.
Mosaic status provides access to exclusive offers from partners, extra bonus points for every eligible US dollar spent, first and second bags always fly free and change and cancellation fees are waived for Mosaic members and others on their itinerary.
Looking in turn at horizontal, vertical, and three-dimensional mosaic, he covers Alejandro Gonzalez I[+ or -]arritu: contemporary mosaic of socioeconomic and geopolitical spaces; Atom Egoyan: the diasporic and cinematic mosaic of de-territorialization/re-territorialization and actualization/virtualization; Hou Hsiao-hsien: historical mosaic of multilayered mise-en-scene; and Michael Haneke: fluid mosaic, crossing and recrossing boundaries.
Upon detecting water level decline in the pond, Mosaic said it began "pumping water out of the west cell and into an alternative holding area on-site to reduce the amount of drainage.
The newly-expanded Mosaic will have an annual operating budget of approximately USD 70m, serve nearly 30,000 children, adolescents, adults and families across Central Maryland, and employ 1,000 people.
Their finished designs may be featured in the new User Mosaic Gallery and shared on social media.