MOTBMother of the Bride
MOTBMark of the Beast
MOTBMuseum of the Bible (Washington, DC)
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Plus, you should get to choose your outfit and, as MOTB, you can be as extravagant as you want.
When I dug out my wedding dress - which my own MOTB had paid to preserve - my daughter laughed out loud at the ruffled cotton eyelet.
Summary: The MOTB also features the first-ever truck used by the people of determination to move around and hold sustainability workshops on beautiful indoor plant arrangements.
Among other quirky yet ecological creations at the MOTB is a stall called Mango Beat that has designed natural speakers made out of mango wood from Thailand.
Mohammed Athar Sameer, a 28-year-old Indian vendor at MOTB, said his small kiosk of unique collections from across the world was based on the concept of Global Village of Dubai.