MOTWMen of the World
MOTWMember of the Week
MOTWMonster of the Week (from X-files TV Series)
MOTWMark of the Wild (gaming, World of Warcraft)
MOTWMovie of the Week
MOTWMark of the Wolves (SNK game)
MOTWMark of the Web (Microsoft Internet Explorer)
MOTWMaudlin of the Well (band)
MOTWMen Of The West (Lord Of The Rings gaming clan)
MOTWMen of the West (computer gaming clan)
MOTWMap of the Week (gaming, Starcraft)
MOTWMasters of the Wild (Dungeons and Dragons)
MOTWMensans on the Web
MOTWMix of the Week
MOTWMore on the Way
MOTWMiddle of the Week
MOTWMurder of the Week
MOTWMissions Other Than War
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Before MOTW the most popular television formats had been variety shows comedies and dramas--most of which were broadcast for one hour or less.
The book's first chapters contain a compact history of the MOTW series and information about viewer ratings and star salaries.
According to John Allen, MOTW President, “We feel this is a significant milestone since the Small Business Administration reports that more than half of all small businesses fail within the first five years of operation.