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MOUSETRAPTorpedo Recognition and Alertment Processor (Navy)
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The title comes from Hamlet when he tries to trick his uncle Claudius into admitting murder by saying the play they are watching is called The Mousetrap.
Tickets for The Mousetrap at Gala Theatre Durham from September 14-19 can be booked by calling the box office on 03000 266600 or visiting www.
Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is at the New Theatre Cardiff until Saturday, telephone 029 2087 8889 for tickets.
The Mousetrap opens in Leeds on Tuesday, August 26, with Helen Clapp and Michael Fenner in the lead roles and heading a new cast.
Anne Kavanagh (Mrs Boyle), Ryan Saunders (Christopher Wren) and Christo-|pher Gilling (Major Metcalf ) in The Mousetrap.
The longestrunning show in British theatre, The Mousetrap embarks on its first ever UK tour this year, arriving at Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre in February and Wolverhampton's Grand in May.
A self-conscious cleverness in the pedestrian denouement of The Mousetrap exemplifies the problem.
The Mousetrap is at New Theatre, Cardiff from tomorrow until Saturday.
She gave generously him The Mousetrap for his ninth birthday.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to provide an effective solution to rodent infestation problems, the Multi Rat Mousetrap, has been developed by Raymond V.
Widely employed as a metaphor for invention and innovation, the mousetrap grabs hold of the truth.
A 9 FEW months ago you mentioned a trip to see the play The Mousetrap in London.