MOVAMassachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (est. 1984)
MOVAMicroprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation
MOVAMain Oxidizer Valve Actuator (US NASA)
MOVAMuseum of Visual Art (various locations)
MOVAModified Oblique View of the Axilla (nuclear medicine)
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The latest lawsuit, which was filed on Monday July 17th, comes a year after Reardon won an injunction against two Chinese companies that had purchased MOVA and transferred it illegally to various Chinese firms.
The aim of MOVA is to disperse any queues which have built up on a red signal.
Para selecionar o grupo de ANL, realizou-se a pesquisa no MOVA, devido a dificuldade de encontrar pessoas que nao soubessem ler e escrever.
7 billion yen in depreciation costs related to telecom facilities for its MOVA service.
Una ventaja importante de MOVA sobre su predecesor es el hecho de que, bajo condiciones no saturadas, el procedimiento resulta en la optimizacion de los retardos o paradas, mientras que en condiciones saturadas procura maximizar la capacidad [3].
As with Patheon's recent $350 million purchase of MOVA Pharmaceuticals, mergers and acquisitions may hit providers more directly.
With the addition of MOVA, we now have 14 manufacturing facilities and 5,600 highly skilled employees to serve the world's largest pharmaceutical sales markets--the U.
MOVA International's newest design is sure to carry the tranquility and peace of the sea into the home.
In addition, Digital Domain plans to use its ground breaking and Academy Award winning MOVA technology to, with the blessing of Mr.
The MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) traffic light system, being installed at the Silverlink roundabout, uses electronic sensors to adjust signal timings.
The MOVA system - Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation - uses electronic sensors to adjust signal timings in response to changing traffic flows.
The system, known as MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation), automatically adjusts the traffic signal phases to the demands of the local traffic flow in order to minimise delays.