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MOVESMotor Vehicle Emission Simulator (US EPA)
MOVESModeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation (Institute)
MOVESModelling, Verification and Evolution of Software
MOVESMinimizing Occurrences of Violence in Everyday Society (California)
MOVESMen Overcoming Violence Effectively Services
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The move elicited a ripple of applause from those sections of seats reserved for the common warriors and their women, showing perhaps that U-Dor was none too popular with these, and, too, it had its effect upon the morale of Gahan's pieces.
U-Dor's next move placed Lan-O's Odwar upon Tara's Odwar's fourth--within striking distance of the Black Princess.
Another move and the game would be lost to Gahan unless the Orange Odwar was overthrown, or Tara moved to a position of safety; but to move his Princess now would be to admit his belief in the superiority of the Orange.
It was the courageous move of a leader who had taken up the gauntlet thrown down by his opponent.
The fourth move after the victory of the Black Odwar found Gahan upon U-Dor's fourth; an Orange Panthan was on the adjoining square diagonally to his right and the only opposing piece that could engage him other than U-Dor himself.
But now the duel between Gahan and the Orange Panthan was on and the decision of the next move was no longer in other hands than theirs.
Three squares is a Chief's move--three squares in any direction or combination of directions, only provided that he does not cross the same square twice in a given move.
You CAN move about in all directions of Space, but you cannot move about in Time.
But you are wrong to say that we cannot move about in Time.
With this farewell hint and pointing generally to the setting sun as a likely place to move on to, the constable bids his auditors good afternoon and makes the echoes of Cook's Court perform slow music for him as he walks away on the shady side, carrying his iron-bound hat in his hand for a little ventilation.
At the word I began to move my body out of Lineland.
Spell-bound and motionless, I could neither speak nor move to avert the impending destruction; and still the noise grew louder, and the King came closer, when I awoke to find the breakfast-bell recalling me to the realities of Flatland.