MOVIMove Immediate
MOVIMObile VIsualisierung
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Furthermore, MOVI anticipates that fourth-quarter same-store sales will arrive flat to six-percent lower from last year.
Blake used Pocket Cinema Cameras for various aerial and tight shots, including several drone shots, and also used Production Camera 4Ks for wider shots and shots being used with a MOVI.
Blake uses the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras with a variety of Zeiss Super Prime Set lenses and various rigs from Wooden Camera, while using the Production Camera 4Ks and Pocket Cinema Cameras primarily with different MOVI gimbals.
In late March, MOVI shares gapped higher when Blockbuster (BBI) said it would not continue its pursuit of Hollywood Entertainment (HLYW), allowing MOVI to move forward unfettered with its acquisition plans.
In May, Medwave entered into an agreement with MOVI S.
Nasdaq: MDWV) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with MOVI S.