MOVPEMetal-Organic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
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Shimomura, "High Growth Enhancement Factor in Arrayed Waveguides by MOVPE Selective Area Growth," J.
MOVPE Growth Window for High-Nitrogen GaAsN Alloy Films for Long Wavelength Emission
Optical Transitions in InGaPN/GaP Single Quantum Wells on GaP(100) Substrates by MOVPE
Spectrolab's goal is to become a leading MOVPE wafer and device fabrication foundry services provider for optoelectronic products.
Spectrolab's Optoelectronic Products Division offers epitaxial wafer foundry services by MOVPE for sensors based on indium gallium arsenide, gallium arsenide and germanium; heterojunction bipolar transistors made from gallium indium phosphide on gallium arsenide substrate; and waveguide modulator and laser diode wafers on gallium arsenide and indium phosphide substrates.
Offered diagnostic system must be fully compatible with MOVPE apparatus CCS 3x2 "GaN - CS1840 from supplier Aixtron Ltd.
AIXTRON pioneered the commercial introduction and success of MOCVD, VPE and MOVPE technologies and has played a leading role in the continuing development and success of these technologies.
AIXTRON offers a wide range of epitaxial systems for MOVPE, VPE and LPE from R&D-oriented systems up to large-scale Planetary Reactor(R) production systems for up to 25x4-inch or 9x6-inch wafers.
Part 1 - Technological equipment MOVPE - The subject of the lots of a public supply contract is the acquisition of technological apparatus-based technology enabling the preparation of organometallic epitaxy nitride nanoheterostruktur.
Integrated semiconductor wafer fabrication facility using MOVPE
In this project is planned to cap MOVPE grown samples with the appropriate group V elements with UV radiation from an excimer laser.
His work on a variety of device manufacturing technologies - including ALE, MOVPE, and MBE - is reflected by his five patents and more than 75 publications.