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MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group (International Standards Organisation/International Electrotechnical Commission)
MPEGMuseu Paraense Emilio Goeldi (Brasil)
mPEGmethoxy-polyethylene glycol
MPEGMezzanine/Private Equity Group
MPEGMaleimide-Polyethylene Glycol
MPEGMountain Plains Equity Group, Inc.
MPEGMulti Purpose Experiment Gondola (BEXUS)
MPEGMedium Priced Electric Gun (Airsoft)
MPEGMaterials Process Engineering Group
MPEGMathematics Program Evaluation Guide
MPEGMedical Physics and Engineering Group
MPEGMilitary Police Escort Guard Company
MPEGMotion Picture Editors Guild
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All parties interested in capitalizing on the benefits of MPEG Surround can obtain the MPEG-D standard document IS 23003-1 describing the MPEG Surround technology.
MPEG LA first announced its plan for facilitating formation of a joint patent portfolio license in a 9 November 2005 news release (see http://www.
Growth in shipments of digital video equipment continues to drive growth in MPEG video ICs, as MPEG is the most widely used video scheme in non-PC devices.
E[acute accent]--STMicroelectronics is again the largest supplier of MPEG decoder ICs in the Online Networks segment.
MPEG LA will continue to share its one-stop licensing model and worldwide experience with China to assist in commercializing China's technology innovation and maximizing return on IPR.
Lawrence Horn, Manager and CEO of MPEG LA, LLC, the world leader in one-stop technology platform patent licenses, spoke at the China High-level Forum on IPR Protection 2006 in Beijing, sharing MPEG LA's one-stop licensing model and worldwide experience.
With the emergence of new applications such as mobile broadcasting and home media centers, the demand for this license has become more and more evident," said MPEG LA Chief Executive Officer Larry Horn.