MPFLMedial Patellofemoral Ligament
MPFLMaximum Possible Fire Loss (property value)
MPFLMechanically Pumped Fluid Loop (outer space technology)
MPFLMornington Peninsula Football League (Australia)
MPFLMean Plasma Fibronectin Level
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The surgical procedures of MPFL reconstruction were performed in the General Hospital Subotica in 15 patients.
The first used gracilis tendon as a substitute for the MPFL (6 patients), the other a quadriceps tendon (9 reconstructions).
The anatomy of the medial knee structures are divided into three layers and both the MPFL and the superficial medial collateral ligament (sMCL) are structures of layer two.
MPFL is the most important structure, and its disruption is often cited as the essential lesion of lateral patella dislocation.
By practicing repeatedly on the 3-D models, Koh ironed out the wrinkles in his MPFL reconstructive plan, thereby avoiding the impromptu adjustments and second-guessing that often accompany complicated surgeries.
Perhaps most importantly though, the 3-D models helped Koh improve patient care: Post-operative X-rays of the woman's repaired knee showed a healed osteotomy with restoration of near-normal trochlear anatomy and an MPFL graft.
It was recently shown in patients with acute MPFL tears that patterns of injury may be dependent on the degree of trochlear dysplasia, tibial tubercle-trochlear groove distance (TT-TG), and patellar height.
For example, patients with a torn MPFL may have pain over the site of rupture, and patients with chondral damage or bone bruising may have tenderness at those specific sites.
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31 MRI also may demonstrate inflammation around the VMO and may show MPFL tears or avulsions.
The quadriceps functions as a dynamic stabilizer of the patella, while the MPFL acts as a static checkrein to resist lateral translation of the patella.