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MPKMoorpark (Amtrak station code; Moorpark, CA)
MPKManual Prosedur Kerja (Malay: Work Procedure Manual)
MPKMulti Pack
MPKMulti Processing Kernel
MPKMonterey Park (California)
MPKMichael Patrick King (film production)
MPKMarginal Product of Capital (economics)
MPKMiejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacyjne (Polish transport company)
MPKMulti Purpose Knife
MPKmethyl propyl ketone
MPKMonster Player Kill (roleplaying game)
MPKMinisterpräsidentenkonferenz (German: Prime Ministers' Conference)
MPKMaine Pyar Kiya (Indian movie)
MPKMessage per Keystroke (protocol variant used with video routing equipment)
MPKMad Porno Krew
MPKMilligrams per Kilograms (clinical trials and drug composition)
MPKMissing Presumed Killed
MPKMini Pop Kids
MPKMaintenance Parts Kit
MPKMulti-Hop Pairwise Key
MPKMidgaard Portal Keep (Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG)
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Decreases in the expected MPK, increases in the depreciation rate, and/or increases in the risk premium will be, all else being equal, reflected in a decrease in the real interest rate.
The first extension of the baseline model--which we call the "multisector" MPK relationship--is given as follows:
When considering investment returns, we need to convert the MPK measured in units of goods that are produced into units of goods that are consumed.
We will explore the forces driving the dynamics of MPK using this equation in the empirical investigation.
In equation 1, the expected MPK and the depreciation rate of capital are linked to the long-run real interest rate.
We assume that over the long run, expected MPK equals actual MPK.
Wipes saturated with Eastman MPK are suited for use in surface preparation and pretreatment to enhance the bonding of coatings, sealants and adhesives.
The subject of the order is the delivery of 9 new low-emission, low emission ecological low-emission buses destined for public transport in MPK Splka z oo in Tarnw.