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MPLAMountain Plains Library Association
MPLAMovimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (Portugese)
MPLAMovimento Popular para a Libertação de Angola (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola)
MPLAMicrosoft Product Licensing Advisor
MPLAMetropolitan Public Libraries Association (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
MPLAMulti-Point Link Aggregation (3Com)
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Despite election posters showing a united MPLA front, they are not close.
What kind of change it's hard to say, because like all prominent MPLA members J-Lo has had to hide any contrary opinions he may have held during the long reign of Dos Santos.
We assume the MPLA party is likely to retain its majority in parliament and thus Joao Lourenco will emerge as the country's new president.
That MPLA hegemony is limited soon becomes clear, although to define these limits would be beyond this book's scope.
1) In non-trauma cases, the MPLA did not cap recovery for economic damages such as medical bills, lost wages, future lost earning capacity, funeral bills, and the like.
This long view incorporates Angola's struggle for independence, and the subsequent civil war, in a clear and succinct way that focuses on how the MPLA and dos Santos built a political apparatus capable of defeating internal enemies and reaping immense wealth from Angola's oil reserves.
The MPLA negotiating committee will continue to put forward a fair alternative position," the group's letter stated, adding that they had raised money to recruit experts including legal advice and property appraisers in order to put forward their counterproposal on rent increases.
20, 1979 was elected president of the MPLA and invested the next day as president of the republic and commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
With more sophisticated arms, and control of the skies, South Africa was threatening to destroy Cuba's brother Marxist party, the MPLA, and install those UNITA "fascist" bandits in control of the Angolan capital city, Luanda.
Both the MPLA and UNITA became what the Cold War demanded of them.
And this is exactly how it panned out with the MPLA regime whose tenure and brutality was guaranteed by oil.
While the general election in August saw the country's opposition parties increase their share of seats in parliament, the MPLA retain an overwhelming legislative majority.