MPNDMinistry of Planning and National Development (Maldives)
MPNDMouse Phrenic Nerve Diaphragm (biology)
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5] (e) cg04078416 3 CCDC12 cg15996282 5 LMBRD2; SKP2 cg00402617 8 YWHAZ cg19963313 (f) 8 NSMAF cg15883382 10 NA (g) cg09225537 15 MAG cg08757611 17 NA (g) cg25575464 17 NEURL4 cg02608596 (f) 19 MPND Methylation level Illumina Beta, mean [+ or -] SD Name F3 F4 Trailing 2-day average [PM.
Moderate intervention effects were found for both video modeling (n = 15, MPND = 81%, range 29-100) and VSM (n = 8, M PND = 77%, range 43-96).
Combining mobile TV, navigation, and other multimedia functions, mPNDs are an emerging new market for mobile TV content and navigation services.