MPNRMinistry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (Pakistan)
MPNRMai Po Nature Reserve (Hong Kong)
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The situation warrants immediate intervention and MPNR considers it expedient to put in place a framework to regulate the LPG prices both at producers' and consumers' level.
i) For effective policy formulation all LPG licensees shall furnish requisite information/data to MPNR as may be required.
Khalid Rahman also lauded the efforts of the MPNR in facilitating the E&P sector.
The Commission held a public hearing in the matter at the Commission's headquarters which was attended by the representatives of MPNR, OGRA, refineries and oil marketing companies and issued an Opinion under Section 29(c) of the Competition Act, 2010.
Key news flows during the week included 1) the government approved 28 construction and development projects worth Rs245 billion, 2) a financial advisor for conducting privatization of 31 SoEs was hired by the government, 3) the ECC held back the decision to announce the gas load management program for winters, 4) some EU countries voted against the GSP Plus status to be clubbed together for beneficiary countries, including Pakistan, 5) the MPNR suggested removal of deemed duty on HSD for refineries, and 6) the government sought early disbursement of CSF funds from United States due to deteriorating foreign exchange reserves.
The minister assured the PPL management of the fullest support and cooperation of the MPNR in assisting the company fulfill its strategic business plans.
The account shall be displayed in Urdu, English and regional languages on the website of the MPNR and present the said account before the Supreme Court, which shall hear the matter in 45 days to consider the report of the DG PC and pass further orders if appropriate.
Is OGRA / MPNR not doing same for 9 mtpa of furnace oil, 6.
MPNR is following the policy of deregulation, economic liberalization and competition, and privatization to improve the quality and quantity of goods and services in the oil and gas sector.
Khan thanked the MPNR, Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation Authority and NXT for their assistance in bringing SFD technology into the country.
MPNR has decided to seek amendment in the existing gas supply price criteria, which was notified in 2008 to bring the two state owned gas utility companies out of financial burden to undertake new projects.
He added that SFD could not have come at a better time in the country as MPNR prepares for a new bidding round, offering 60 blocks, enhancing available acreage of exploration areas.