MPOBMalaysian Palm Oil Board
MPOBMaryland Port of Baltimore
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Smallholder farmers who are registered with MPOB and practicing agroforestry systems will be receiving an assistance and support from TUNAS Center of MPOB.
Choo Yuen May, Director General of MPOB, which funded and led the research, said that the genome mapping of the two oil palm species will pave the way for many more breakthroughs.
This is especially visible in the MPOB course, where most students have yet to attempt to maneuver or lead small units tactically.
Therefore, he applauded MPOB and Pacific Commodities (sole importer of Minyak) for the initiative to introduce packed Malaysian palm olein in Pakistan as an excellent alternative to loose cooking oil that are common in the market.
The company has demonstrated the new steam bolier at the MPOB International Palm Oil Congress and Exhibition (PIPOC 2015) in Kuala Lumpur, between 6-8 October, 2015,
Mechanical Trunk Injection for Control of Ganoderma MPOB Information Series.
Delegation from Malaysia Palm Oil Board consists of Dr Ahmad Khushairi Din, Deputy Director General (R&D), Mr Mokmin Bahari, Head of Unit Food Safety and Code of Practices and the Regional Manager of MPOB in Karachi Mr Farius Hidzir.
Bioganic's tocotrienols are extracted from the fruits of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) using a patented process licensed by MPOB to produce superior purity.
Minyak's presence in the local market provides better choice for the consumers to select high quality, safe and nutritious cooking oil," said Mdm Rosidah Radzian, Director of Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) during her working visit to Karachi with few others official from MPOB Malaysia.
In details, the respondent among smallholder farmers are suggested by the MPOB based on their continuous and successful practices of agroforestry systems.
MPOB is actively involved in developing standards for palm oil products and seats in numerous technical committees in the development of international standards such as the ISO standards, the American Oils Chemist Society and Codex.
The authors would like to thank the Director-General of the MPOB for permission to publish this article.