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MPRMinnesota Public Radio
MPRMathematica Policy Research, Inc.
MPRMapper (Nortel)
MPRMajelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat
MPRMulti-Purpose Room
MPRMonthly Prescribing Reference
MPRMultiplanar Reconstruction (CT and MR imaging)
MPRMonthly Progress Report
MPRMarket Price Referent
MPRMouvement Populaire de la Révolution (French: Popular Movement of the Revolution; Zairian political party)
MPRMongolian People's Republic
MPRPopular Movement of the Revolution (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
MPRMultiprotocol Router
MPRMonthly Payment Rate
MPRMaster Planning of Resources
MPRMaine Public Radio (NPR affiliate)
MPRMouvement Patriotique pour le Renouveau (French: Patriotic Movement for Renewal; political party; Mali)
MPRMeter Point Reference (gas metering)
MPRMulti-Point Relay
MPRMicrowave Packet Radio (wireless transmission)
MPRMinistarstvo Pravde (Ministry of Justice, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
MPRMaintenance Procedure
MPRMagnetic Proton Recoil
MPRMultipart Repeater
MPRMoney Power Respect (band)
MPRMulti-Packet Reception
MPRMissing Persons Report
MPRMilitary Personnel Record(s)
MPRMannose Phosphate Receptor
MPRMulti-Provider Router
MPRMathematical Principles of Reinforcement
MPRMars Pressurized Rover
MPRMinimum Power Routing
MPRMaximum Permitted Rate
MPRMedical Possession Ratio (patient drug adherence)
MPRMedication Possession Rate
MPRManagement Policy Rule (Microsoft)
MPRMinor Planet Research, Inc.
MPRMouvement Patronal pour le Renouveau (French: Patronal Movement for Renewal; business organization)
MPRMonthly Progress Review
MPRMilitary Pay Record
MPRMaster Personnel Records
MPRMaster Pointer Record
MPRMultiple Pulses per Row
MPRMotorised Prism Rotation
MPRMagic Power Rating (gaming)
MPRMultiplex Project Requirements (Sprint)
MPRMisdialed Trunk Prefix (ITU-T)
MPRMain Processor Rack
MPRManufacturer's Production Run
MPRMinimum Property Requirement (US HUD)
MPRMobility Position Roster
MPRManufacturer's Problem Report
MPRMandill, Panoff, Rockwell
MPRMesh Path Restoration (IEEE)
MPRMan Power Request
MPRMessage Processing Router
MPRMultipath Ranging
MPRManagement Profit Report
MPRMaster's in Public Relations (degree program)
MPRMonetary Policy Rate (Central Bank of Nigeria)
MPRMountain Pine Ridge (Belize)
MPRMichigan Privatization Report (Mackinac Center for Public Policy)
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In this approach a node shares the information about the set of links with MPR nodes only.
Various researchers have worked in the direction of providing MPR selection mechanism for OLSR protocol [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21].
At 12 months, the MPR was significantly improved in the intervention group (up to 0.
One minute you're covering an election battle involving a sitting senator," said MPR reporter Tom Scheck.
The deicer's heater and thermostat are sealed in a single piece of Alcryn MPR, which eliminates the risk of water damage.
MPR applies to packer purchases of cattle, hogs, and sheep, as well as to prices of boxed beef, boxed lamb, and carcass lamb.
Under the amended Constitution, a draft of which was obtained by Kyodo News on Wednesday, the 10-day annual MPR session is also expected to add a chapter to the Constitution stipulating a direct presidential election.
Alcryn MPR is also used in Streamlight's Litebox flashlight to provide the tough, lens-protecting bezel; watertight, wear-resistant seals; durable, soft-touch buttons; and the rugged, non-slip grip handle.
Not only does MPR offer a Fitzgerald-themed crossword puzzle, but also a slew of wonderfully personal and revealing stories about the author's life in St.
Tom Lubnow, Vice President, MPR Power, notes, "Bob Koonce brings a wealth of experience to MPR.
Alcryn MPR is sold in natural, translucent and clear grades, which are said to be easily colored with high performance color concentrates such as those manufactured by Ferro's Stryker Plastic Colorants Division.