MPTTMinistry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (Iran)
MPTTMulti-Professional Triage Team (UK)
MPTTModified Pre-order Tree Transversal
MPTTMaintenance Part Task Trainer
MPTTMalignant Proliferating Trichilemmal Tumor (medical condition)
MPTTMean Parenchymal Transit Time (nephrology)
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During the MPTT deployment, more than 40 PNP officers graduated from the Field Officer Training Course and subject matter expert exchanges were conducted with more than 100 Armed Forces of the Philippines Marines and 80 PNP SAFs.
And noncommissioned officers who had recently redeployed with the 58th and 552d Military Police Companies provided up-to-date knowledge and experience with regard to MPTTs.
Also, in the case of MPTT model, the extra-stress tensor affects the velocity field.
The same patterns were observed when an MPTT model was used, although the convergence rate for the model was considerably slower.
There were no important deviations in both temperature and axial velocity in comparing the results from classical power-law fluids than and CEF or MPTT models.
Figure 10 shows a comparison between the present code using the MPTT model with parameters [[mu].