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MQSAMammography Quality Standards Act of 1992
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The software's ability to support a large number of custom input fields was a crucial element in Epic's perfect MQSA score, said John Griffith, chief information officer and director of operations.
Facilities will be subject to MQSA inspections as of October 1.
The author combined the MQSA requirement that all mammography facilities have a consumer complaint mechanism with patient satisfaction surveys, which is not a requirement.
PenRad MIS, 2010 KLAS Mammography Information System (MIS) Category Leader -- third consecutive year, decreases workload, increases efficiency and offers immediate turnaround time for exams, all while ensuring MQSA compliance.
to services rendered, such as CLIA, MQSA, MD, lab license, etc.
For those radiologists who are MQSA certified in standard mammography, the FDA requires an 8-hour training session.
27) MQSA is an example of a federally mandated standard.
On an operational level, the uptime of our displays has never been so high, and our precious IT resource freed-up thanks to the remote desk features of MediCal QAWeb Premium such as global fleet and asset management services, full audit trail, budget, MQSA and regulatory reports, and automatic problem solving and alerts.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering adding a breast-density reporting amendment to the MQSA.
Congress enacted MQSA to ensure that all women have equal access to quality mammography services for detecting the early signs of breast cancer.
The PACS provides a comprehensive solution for mammography that encompasses FFDM, third-party CAD, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and breast reporting with automated regulatory compliance, including MQSA.
However, this concern can be reduced if one knows, understands and implements the MQSA and American College of Radiology (ACR) standards for breast imaging into their practices, as a prosecutor representing the plaintiff will certainly know them.