MRAAMarine Retailers Association of America
MRAAMotorcycle Riders Association of Australia
MRAAMedical Research Agencies of America
MRAAMigration and Refugee Assistance Act
MRAAMental Retardation Association of America
MRAAMontana Red Angus Association
MRAAMicrostrip Radial Antenna Array
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Our partnership with MRAA and Dealer Certification gives us a proven platform to provide our dealers a roadmap to strengthen their operations, engage their employees on a higher level, and deliver world class customer service.
Through the centre, MRAA documents were to be produced and made available to members and other interested parties.
the MRAA Health program delivers reduced-cost health insurance to MRAA Members across the United States.
We our proud to support MRAA and look forward to this relationship as a Premier Partner.
Its clear that the culture at All Seasons Marine Works is what truly sets it apart, says Matt Gruhn, president of the MRAA, which administers the surveys.
Dealer Certification and the CPYB Program share the goal of raising the professionalism and sophistication of our industrys front lines, explains Matt Gruhn, President of MRAA.
Updates in MRAA and UPM with support for 18 new sensors
MRAA designed the Continuous Certification coursework to assist dealers in further developing the core tenets of Dealer Certification Customer Service, Operational Excellence and Employee Engagement while simultaneously feeding them new ideas and opportunities to help them drive greater success.
It follows an intensive Workforce Assessment project conducted by MRAA, which outlined that, among other factors, one of the largest issues the marine industry faces in hiring and retaining employees is its ability to compete with the compensation rates of other industries.
This white paper explains the general usage of the MRAA APIs that can greatly simplify working with various types of devices, such as:
The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announced today that it is partnering with Priority One Financial Services to host an educational webinar on What You Need to Know about Credit Bureaus, for MRAA Members.
At MRAA, we like to say that if you have a desire to be the best, that you belong within the MRAA family, says Matt Gruhn, MRAA President.