MRCMMultiple Reduction Copy Machine (algorithm)
MRCMMonitoring, Reconnaissance and CounterMeasures
MRCMMini Racing Club de Marigny (French radio controlled car club; Marigny, France)
MRCMMurmansk Regional Monitoring Centre
MRCMMedieval and Renaissance Choral Music
MRCMModified Rapid Colorimetric Method (chemistry)
MRCMMaster Chief Machinery Repairman (Naval Rating)
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We focus solely on unstandardized beta coefficients in our MRCM.
MRCM model based on data from 6631 participants nested within 1277 census area units.
Thus, to predict the students' preferred medium for their work from teachers' relevant studies, the following MRCM model was fit to the data:
To answer the third research question, we fit the following MRCM model to the data, with parents' and friends' knowledge being the predictor variables:
Kelley, Senior Vice President stated, "We are pleased with the addition of Indra to MRCM and look forward to the continued growth of this international partnership.
The MRCM 3500 Series product range encompasses four core products, all of which use software-radio and modular-hardware techniques.
The MRCM alliance was established in 2000 and its focus is to provide strategic co-operation between leading edge defence technology players, enabling each company to work in partnership with other members, while retaining its individual corporate identity.
Miracom Industries Inc, of Lamirada, California announced today that it has met all listing requirements of the NASDAQ Bulletin Board, and as of 5/03/01 is currently trading under the symbol MRCM.
Provide Monitor Reconnaissance & Counter Measures (MRCM) products and solutions together with our MRCM partners; EADS Ewation, Grintek Ewation, Indra and Sysdel.
com AN/ALQ-136(V)1/2/5 high band * * AN/ALQ-165 wideband * * AN/ALQ-172(V)1 & (V)2 wideband * * AN/ALQ-211 wideband dua * AN/ALQ-214 wideband dua * MRCM Products, Wrthstrasse 85, Ulm, Germany 89070; +49.
Again based at Ulm, EADS EWATION is teamed with South Africa's Grintek EWATION and supplies a range of equipment under the generic MRCM product line title.