MRCTMedical Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (EU)
MRCTMultiplanar Reformatted Computerized Tomography (medical imaging)
MRCTModified Ritchie Concentration Technique (intestinal diagnosis)
MRCTMotor Root Conduction Time (neurology)
MRCTMinimum Residual Corneal Thickness (ophthalmology)
MRCTMulti Ratio Current Transformer
MRCTMassive Rotator Cuff Tear (shoulder injury; orthopedics)
MRCTMedical Research Council Technology (UK)
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A[cedilla]Provide proof of concept for the establishment of an APEC MRCT Regulatory Science Center of Excellence (COE);
It has identified our needs and selected specific training programmes, which overall will bene-fit the apprentices and MRCT long-term.
MRCT has taken on three apprentices with the help of NECC.
In building the CTD, MRCT is helping to position the UK at the forefront of academic based drug discovery World-wide, creating a Centre of Excellence that Pharma companies will want to link to and hence maintain a Pharma presence in the UK.
On behalf of our Board of Directors and dedicated staff, the Mississippi River Corridor - Tennessee is honored to accept the EPA grant award for their Clean Diesel Emerging Technologies program which we proudly share with an elite group of partners", said Diana Threadgill, MRCT Executive Director.
MRCT as well as both Universities through the MBM ScienceBridge GmbH will then receive downstream payments dependent on successful development and out-licensing of the antibody.
A fully-managed service, EMC OnDemand service enables MRCT to focus its resources on managing intellectual property (IP) and medical and scientific documentation, and not on maintaining the technology infrastructure required to support it.
MRCT is the exclusive commercialization catalyst for the UK Medical Research Council (MRC), working to translate cutting edge scientific discoveries into commercial products.
Under the terms of the agreement, Intellect will pay MRCT milestone payments related to the development and commercialization of the humanized antibodies and a royalty based on sales of the resulting drug products.
MRCT is the technology transfer company of the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) and is responsible for commercialization of MRC research.
MRCTs in East Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan, are now considered one of the promising key strategic options in new drug development.