MRCVMulti-Role Combat Vehicle
MRCVMini Racing Club Varois (French radio controlled car club)
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We conclude that MRCV is not a novel calicivirus but a new variant of the nonpathogenic RCV-like group.
Our phylogenetic tree also grouped 5 of the 7 sequences into their respective Fijivirus groups: FDV in group 1, MRCV and RBSDV in group 2 and the DcRV and NPLV in group 5.
The MRCV capsid encoding region was cloned into a baculovirus expression vector by standard methods, enabling serologic testing by application of serum to baculovirus-expressing insect cells and immunoperoxidase detection.
Along with Gilruth's departure, some MRCVS veterinarians moved from the Department into clinical practice, and with the continuing wrangling over specialised university schools, the veterinary school initiative subsided.
EMMA BAYMAN BVSC, CERT VA, MRCVS (VETERINARY SURGEON): I feel that the number of councils is probably less significant than the effectiveness of the councils.
Professor Dick White MRCVS said that, since late 2009 when he was approached by Mr Segev for help in remedial training, continuing education and mentoring, he had subsequently had frequent dealings and conversations with him.
We're at Sandown, and Curl BVSc MRCVS is the veterinary officer in charge of the 40-odd horses in action this evening.
EMMA BAYMAN BVSC, CERT VA, MRCVS (VETERINARY SURGEON): As well as being a time for eating, drinking and celebration for humans, Christmas can be fraught with danger for our pets.
At a hearing which concluded on Thursday (19 November 2010), Peter Ardle MacMahon MRCVS faced a six-part charge after working as a locum for Vets Now at North End in Portsmouth where, on the night of 14/15 July 2009, he treated Wilfred, a Cocker Spaniel who had ingested broken glass along with raw mince.
PHILIP OWEN MRCVS (VET): The summer months are great for getting out and about with your dogs.
Andrew Bucher MRCVS and Ivan Retzignac founded MedicAnimal; two people with one goal, to provide not just affordable animal healthcare, but also care with a conscience.
PHILIP OWEN MRCVS (VET): Insurance is essential with current advances in Veterinary Medicine, especially if animals have to be referred to a specialist centre for MRI or CT scans.