MRSPMedical Readiness Strategic Plan
MRSPMacrolide-Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae
MRSPMedical Research Support Program (Office for Science and Medical Research; New South Wales, Australia)
MRSPMobility Readiness Spare Package
MRSPMovimento República de São Paulo (Portugese)
MRSPManufacturer's Recommended Sale Price
MRSPMinimum Recommended Selling Price
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Today we are at a point, when new brands and services are being introduced in Pakistan's economy for which formulation of effective research rules and regulations are needed to ensure success of these brands and service, she said, asserting that MRSP is, however, playing its due role for the purpose.
pseudintermedius was biochemically identified; on the basis of drug-resistance patterns, 6 (75%) of these isolates were determined to be MRSP (Table).
Table 3 reports the MRSP for contractible aspects of GPs and pharmacies and reports how the various channeling incentives and practice characteristics influence the choice probabilities for GPs and pharmacies.
We monitored 285 nests of 25 breeding bird species in MRSP from 2000 to 2004.
In view of the extraordinary increase in the numbers of MRSP cases, with no end in sight, we may expect to see more and more of such cases arise in hospitals and, ultimately, in the courts.
Variations in antibiotic usage rates were marked across the three-continent study, but usage significantly correlated with prevalence of PNSP, MRSP, and MRGAS (Emerg.
The company was previously certified as a MRSP by Arizona Public Service, and now is the first to be certified to provide services throughout Arizona.
The overall objectives of the Mananciais Horizontal APL Program are (i) to protect and maintain the quality and reliability of MRSPs water resources and potable water sources; (ii) to improve the quality of life of the poor pop ulations residing in key targeted urban river basins in MRSP; and (iii) to strengthen insti tutional capacity and improve metropolitan management and coordination in MRSP in water resources management, water pollution control, land-use policy and basic service provision.
Casio's new Privia PX-160 is available now at music dealers nationwide for an MRSP of $499.
The Limited Edition Collection Cubes are available from all major pharmacies and supermarkets; MRSP [pounds sterling]1.
One veterinary laboratory noted a 272% increase in MRSP cases from 2007-2008 through 2010-2011 (5).
The new Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE is available as of June 2012 at an MRSP of $179.