MRSTMedieval and Renaissance Studies (various locations)
MRSTMontreal-Rochester-Syracuse-Toronto (physics conference)
MRSTMartin-Roberts-Stirling-Thorne (physics)
MRSTMinimum Rectilinear Steiner Tree (computer science)
MRSTMinistry of Research Science and Technology
MRSTMilitary Ridge State Trail (Wisconsin)
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Meme si la loi qui devait mener a la creation legale du ministere des Finances, de l'Economie et de la Recherche n'a jamais ete adoptee, il n'en demeure pas moins que la fusion administrative du ministere des Finances, du MIC et du MRST s'est effectuee.
The graduates attributed their difficulties to labour market conditions, lack of jobs in their degree area and lack of work experience (NZVCC and MRST 1997).
MRST 2016 is designed to provide exactly that venue and opportunity and, as chairman, I very much look forward to the sharing of information and subsequent deliberations that will surely ensue.
By aligning the business development director role with that of the alpine program director position held by Ryan Shorter, MRST is looking to grow the organization.