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MRTAMovimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru (Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, Peru)
MRTAMortgage Reducing Term Assurance
MRTAMass Rapid Transit Authority
MRTAMarketable Record Title Act
MRTAMetropolitan Rapid Transit Authority (Bangkok, Thailand)
MRTAMotorcycle Rider Training Association
MRTAMulti Role Transport Aircraft
MRTAManitoba Recreational Trails Association (Canada)
MRTAMontachusett Regional Transit Authority
MRTAMulti-Robot Task Allocation
MRTAMetro Rail Transit Authority
MRTAMissouri Retired Teachers Association
MRTAMagnetic Resonance Tomographic Angiography
MRTAMaryland Retired Teachers Association
MRTAMedium-Range Tactical Aircraft
MRTAMacedon Ranges Tennis Association (Australia)
MRTAMediated Real-Time Access
MRTAMedical Radiation Technology Act
MRTAMyanmar Rice Traders Association
MRTAMalaspina Recreation and Tourism Association (Canada)
MRTAMagistrates’ Regional Training Adviser (UK)
MRTAMeaford Range and Training Area (Canadian Forces)
MRTAMarine Repair Technician Association
MRTAMichigan Retired Teachers Association (formerly Michigan Retired Public School Employees Association)
MRTAmechanical resonance tissue analysis
MRTAMaryland Retired Troopers Association
MRTAModernization Receiver Test Asset
MRTAMexican Radio and Television Association
MRTAMississippi Retired Teachers Association
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MRTA officials were also asked to secure all records and information related to employees and the payment of salary "to any employee previously employed by another public entity'' to ensure they are not modified or destroyed and can be inspected by investigators.
Polay, also the founder of the MRTA, said the group's power weakened rapidly after the end of the crisis.
The MRTA chief said the price offered by the Alstom-Mitsubishi consortium was 2 billion baht higher than that of the Siemens.
In those same four months, incarcerated MRTA members continued their existence in "prison tombs," as Alberto Fujimori has called them, where "they will rot and will only get out dead.
MRTA provides for short cut title searches; however, MRTA does not eliminate the need for title insurance and real estate attorneys at closing.
Working together with key stakeholders at UHN, designers and engineers at Cooler Solutions will develop the existing MRTA technology into a user- -friendly, cost-effective and commercially viable product.
Several people who were taken hostage when the MRTA seized the Japanese ambassador's residence in Lima in 1996 have said leaders of the group told them that Berenson was not a leader of the organization, but that they took advantage of her sympathy.
These freedoms are essential to any society, but the Shining Path and the MRTA exploited them to their own advantage.
Peru took offense at an article in the Communist Party mouthpiece Nhan Dan that criticized the killing of all the MRTA guerrillas by elite Peruvian commandos and that suggested the MRTA was not a ''terrorist'' group as labeled by the Peruvian government.
Meanwhile, thousands of political prisoners in Peru -- members of farmers groups, students, women (including US citizen Lori Berenson), union members and activists -- languish in isolated, high-security jails that aim for, according to the MRTA, "mental and physical annihilation.
The MRTA are terrorists,'' she said, using the Spanish initials of the Tupac Amaru.
Notable world-class tunneling projects include Boston Central Artery, Los Angeles Metro, TARP project in Chicago, Kuala Lumpur Light Rail, English Channel Tunnel, Bangkok MRTA, and Egnatia Highway in Greece.