MRTFMyocardin-Related Transcription Factor (leukemia)
MRTFModulation Rate Transfer Function (physiology)
MRTFMission Readiness Task Force
MRTFMissouri Retired Teachers Foundation (Jefferson City, MO)
MRTFMaximum Remaining Time First
MRTFMultidrug-Resistant Typhoid Fever (infectious diseases)
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Installing flow table for MRTF flows firstly is a basic principle for decreasing FCT, which provides a guide for us to enforce routing update.
While improving the throughput of datacenter network, OFPT also decreases flow completion times by using the MRTF scheduling and distribute bandwidth for short flow first.
Retirement costs--including contributions to the MRTF, survivor benefits, and contributions to the Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Fund (used to fund TRICARE for Life)--totaled $26.