MRTGMulti Router Traffic Grapher
MRTGMaori Regional Tourism Group (New Zealand)
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The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) can be installed almost anywhere in the local manufacturing network, however the most reasonable and convenient location for MRTG installation is the main router--on the gateway to the local network.
The primary aim for MRTG is to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic, however--if monitored interfaces are: input and output interfaces of the manufacturing network--then we can monitor traffic load from/to manufacturing systems (sample: see Fig.
This result is ready to be accepted by the front-end software, however it must be converted (using a simple software script) to the format readable by MRTG.
Management utilities like MRTG, PuTTY, Snort and TACACS+
In Q3, the company added the founders of popular open source monitoring projects - Cacti, Dojo, Ganglia, MRTG, NeDi, RRDTool, Sendpage and SmokePing - to the new "Open Source Council.
Additionally, GroundWork Monitor Open Source provides a framework that makes it extremely easy for organizations to 'plug-and-play' with additional monitoring and management technologies from the open source community, such as: NeDi, MRTG, RRDtool, ntop, Network Weathermap, Cacti, Ganglia and many more.
To enhance usability for managing large networks, the enhanced IMG 1010 also incorporates SNMP and MRTG as standards-based management and monitoring interfaces, resulting in increased product reliability and uptime.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Founders of Cacti, Dojo, Ganglia, MRTG, NeDi, RRDTool, Sendpage and SmokePing Partner With GroundWork to Lead the Charge in Open Source-Based IT Operations Management
As the official "Open Source Network Monitoring" provider for this year's InteropNet, the event network for Interop Las Vegas 2006, GroundWork is showcasing the power of their network management system and ease of integrating additional open source networking tools including Network Weathermap, NTOP (Network Top), MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher), RRDtool (Round Robin Database), Cacti, and NeDi (Network Discovery).
With GroundWork Foundation, data from disparate open source tools, such as Nagios, MRTG, SNMPTT and Syslog-ng, can be accessed via real time status views, reports and dashboards -- from a single user interface.
Their device-level tools, such as MRTG, gave only a fragmented view of operations on a device-by-device basis, and could not provide a real-time view of overall site performance, the impact of traffic surges (such as resulted from World Soccer Cup coverage) on other programming, or even an accurate measure of peak vs.
Event-triggered and scheduled updates from disparate data sources including HP OpenView, CiscoWorks, Concord, MRTG, NetScout, NetReality, WebTrends, cflowd, Cisco NetFlow, and Government Off The Shelf (GOTS) systems will be fused, analyzed, and graphically updated in the USCENTAF NETCOP system.