MRTUMarket Redesign and Technology Update
MRTUMini Racing Team Uden (Netherlands)
MRTUMultiplexed Remote Terminal Unit
MRTUMaharashtra Recognition of Trade Unions and Unfair Labour Practices Act (India)
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We are pleased to extend this support to California's new market structure, and congratulate the CAISO on the launch of MRTU.
Using an Open Source License, NCPA is providing to any California electric utility, marketer, generator or vendor the ability to quickly and efficiently process the new MRTU power settlement files.
All along our stated goal for MRTU has been to get it done right by a reasonable date.
The new schedule keeps MRTU on track for implementation before the summer of 2008, an important goal of the ISO and the industry so that the reliability benefits can be realized in time for the next peak demand season.
Significant MRTU milestones are being celebrated, with momentum shown in multiple areas.
ISO management and staff, and our Board of Governors recognize that requires adding a few months to the MRTU implementation schedule.
ISO management and staff have also evaluated the impact to the MRTU budget.
While critical to the future of the wholesale energy system in California, MRTU will not have any immediate impact on the average consumer.
With MRTU, we will have precision tools for guarding against market manipulation.
While MRTU represents significant improvements to the wholesale energy markets operated by the California ISO, the typical retail electricity customer will not see any immediate impact from the new market design.
Preparations for the implementation of MRTU continue, with new computer systems being tested and readied for integration.
MRTU was designed to accommodate RA, but since it does not take effect until 2007, the guidelines approved today will provide a bridge that spans the 18 months between the current market structure and MRTU.