MRTVMyanmar Radio and Television
MRTVMacedonian Radio and Television
MRTVMalayan Railways Trainspotter Videos (website)
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In the nucleocapsid-based phylogenetic tree, OKAV clusters with 100% bootstrap support with MWV detected in Myotomys unisulcatus rodents in South Africa (Figure 2, panel B), and MRTV forms a clade with IPPYV isolated from Praomys spp.
Twenty-eight people were killed in Maungdaw in Rakhine State, bordering Bangladesh, and another 18 were killed and four were injured in Buthidaung in the landslides caused by several days of heavy rains, state-run MRTV reported.
Although life is simple for dominant broadcasters like that of MRTV in Myanmar, Mock explained that the situation is not the same for other countries in the region.
La television estatal MRTV difunde permanentemente imagenes de estos campamentos, en su intento por reflejar que los generales tienen control de la situacion.
The MRTV is run by the Myanmar Radio and Television Department, and Myawaddy is run by by the army.
Last year, MBC was the first Korean web to sell a drama series to Mongolia's MRTV.
TriMedia") (OTCBB:TMEG) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with MRTV Filmproduktionsges M.
The Commission's advisor, Admir Shabani, explained the application and said the public call would be aired by the state broadcaster MRTV.
According to the EC, the Macedonian national broadcasting service, MRTV, cannot use money from both the budget and commercials.
In a stamen for newspaper "Nova Makedonija," director of MRTV Marjan Cvetkovski stated that except for the filming and broadcasting of Sunday's masses, it will offer MPC more space in the schedule.
It said the office of President Thein Sein has issued a statement calling for peace talks with various ethnic insurgent groups currently engaged in armed conflict with government troops, the MRTV report said.
President U Thein Sein released the cabinet listings comprising 30 ministers, including defense minister Major-General Hla Min, home minister Lieutenant-General Ko Ko, border affairs minister and industrial development minister Major-General Thein Htay, and foreign minister U Wunna Maung Lwin who was former Burma or Myanmar's ambassador to the UN in Geneva, according to the official MRTV.