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MSACMount San Antonio College (California)
MSACMedical and Scientific Advisory Council
MSACMarine Safety Advisory Council (Canada)
MSACMeridian Services Attendant Console (Nortel)
MSACMine Safety Appliances Company (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
MSACMobile Supervision and Control
MSACMember of Stonebridge Associated Colleges
MSACMorris-Sussex Area Council (New Jersey Boy Scouts)
MSACMinimum Security Activity Checklist (US DoD IT security)
MSACMidland Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Midland, TX)
MSACMelbourne Sports Aquatic Centre (Australia)
MSACMacdonald Stewart Art Centre (Canada)
MSACMorgan Stanley ABS Capital I, Inc. (New York, NY)
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During FY 2017, through its flagship Grants for Organizations and Community Arts Development Programs, MSAC awarded operating grants totaling nearly $17 million to non-profit organizations across the state, including grants to the local arts councils.
On April 4 2014, MSAC provided recommendations (endorsed 19-9-2014) for the Federal Government that the HPV test should replace the current Pap smear (4).
Understanding them may contribute to determining the profile of these social actors, since values guide their behavior (Tamayo & Schwartz, 1993; Schwartz, 1994; Jesuino, Torres, & Teixeira, 2012; Torres, Porto, Vargas, & Fischer, 2015) and, as such, influence the position adopted in the MSAC deliberative processes.
In the case of Mariner 9 (2012), originally a three channel HD video installation but shown as a panoramic photograph at MSAC, the future is envisioned in the form of an abandoned Martian space station.
Pointing to MSAC, she said, "In there, virtually every country is represented.
In Indonesia, Well Services LiteCRETE* slurry and GASBLOK gas migration control cement technologies have been deployed following a collaborative effort between Kondur technical experts and Schlumberger to resolve liner cementing challenges in a series of depleted sands in the MSAC 34-ST and MSAC 35 wells in the Kurau field.
Part of the two-day activity held in Angeles City was the knowledge sharing by the City Tourism Office and Clark Development Corporation who imparted their best practices to the attendees from the DILG and members of the MSAC.
And, graduates from schools accredited by the NCACS were successful at a significantly higher rate than schools in the MSAC.
Certain statements contained on this press release, including statements regarding events and financial trends that may affect MSAC future operating results, financial position, stock price and cash flows, may constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws.
As a founding member of the MSAC, her positions included director of technology, group leader for Army programs, open source intelligence group leader, and deputy program manager for the $118M Joint Analytical Support Program (JASP).
MSAC provides independent advice to the Australian Government on the safety, clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of new medical technologies and procedures.
Dr OReilly, a former PSA National Vice President, is the first pharmacist to be appointed to the MSAC, which advises the Federal Government on evidence for the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of medical technologies and procedures.