MSCFMario Strikers Charged Football (gaming)
MSCFMaster of Science in Computational Finance (degree)
MSCFMinnesota State College Faculty
MSCFMid-Shore Community Foundation (Easton, MD)
MSCFMy So-Called Friend (band)
MSCFMicrosoft Cabinet Files
MSCFMessaging Service Control Function (3GPP)
MSCFMaster Surveillance Control Facility
MSCFMaster Ship's Configuration File
MSCFMultiple System Cascading Failure
MSCFMicrosoft Compression Format
MSCFMoisture Sensor Cell Frequency
MSCFOne Thousand Standard Cubic Feet
MSCFMarlborough Student Charitable Fund
MSCFMonthly Summary of Commerce and Finance (US Department of the Treasury)
MSCFMolecular Sciences Computing Facility (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, Richland, WA)
MSCFmillion standard cubic foot
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Presentations by MSCF senior staff provided an overview of current nursing home services, populations and trends, the regulatory environment, and the survey process.
The FIGN was the result of a collaboration between the MSCF and a partnership between a university nursing program and Massachusetts Senior Care staff.
Production by holders of Pertamina JOB contracts and Pertamina TAC were small accounting for 18 million MSCF and 30 MSCF respectively in 2006 to 2008.
3 TSCF of the country's natural gas production is processed into LNG for exports with only 320 million MSCF for domestic consumption every years.
The robustness test for the water detection system includes testing the water detection sensor, controller, fail-safe shutoff valves, the TMU, and the MSCF facility operator's response to the leak.
Jacobs will also relocate Plant 135 from Bristol to Derby, which shall involve dismantling the facility in Bristol and transporting it to Derby for installation and interfacing with the MSCF.
per MSCF, can be obtained, thereby making production of both gas and oil economically feasible.
equivalent to $2 per MSCF after estimated transport cost).
The appraisal attributes undiscounted net future value to a 31% interest, of a minimum of $141 million (unescalated, and after all capital and operating costs) based upon a well head gas price of $2 per MSCF.
a joint venture to build and operate a demonstration plant built around MSCF technology.