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MSDOSMicrosoft Disk Operating System
MSDOSMeinem System Droht Overkill Status (German: My System Threatens Overkill Status)
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These operating systems and applications require significantly more computer power than their predecessor systems running on MSDOS.
The system is operated from a PC and the software is compatible with MSDOS, Windows 3.
Having lived through CPM MSDOS and various versions of Windows one has now to struggle with the myriad intricacies of Windows 95 where a misplaced mouse click or particularly an unintended finger movement on the touchpad of a laptop can wreak unexpected havoc with a current application.
FR in the MSDOS directory) or upon E-mail request, and is also included in the GENEPOP population genetics software package (Raymond and Rousset 1995).
The simulation runs under MSDOS on a personal computer with at least 640K of memory.
AURORA provides Open Systems Connectivity using UNIX, MSDOS, INFORMIX 4GL and "C," and shares information via the Innovax Integration Partners Program.
The Information Navigator is a full featured library management system operating in both MSDOS and UNIX, and utilizing a hypertext search capability IME calls NAVIGATION.
Reproducible research documents stored on CD-ROM may be viewed in full by UNIX users under the X Window system; the text-only portion may be accessed from an MSDOS computer.
Instead of a host, we take standard PC-based computers with MSDOS, and we let them control things like pallet systems and tool management.
The first was to take translation software developed for IBM mainframes and reduce it for the MSDOS platform, with all the simplifications inherent in an already too-simple program.
Additionally, the system supports a host of standard business software packages through its compatibility with MSDOS and CP/M-86.