MSDSLMulti-Rate Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (UUNET)
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Rad Data Communications, part of the RAD Group, has introduced the ASMi-51 MSDSL modem.
It joins the LA-140 integrated access device (IAD) as well as the ASMi-50 and ASMi-51 extended-range modems that incorporate MSDSL 2B1Q line coding for improved quality.
Jacques Moisset, CXR's president, stated, "The new IP processor is a major technical accomplishment that brings added features to an already proven and easy to use chassis design and is fully compatible with our recently announced MSDSL high speed multi-rate modem cards.
703 (E1), DSX-1 (T1), MSDSL (Multi-Rate Symmetric DSL to 2.
In addition to Hotwire MVL technology, Paradyne's Hotwire system supports ADSL and RADSL, also specified in the ruling, as well as SDSL, IDSL, MSDSL and MHDSL - providing the industry's broadest range of IP, Frame Relay, ATM and TDM voice, video and data DSL-enabled services.