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MSDUMAC Service Data Unit
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Simulation Parameters Parameter Value Slot time 20[micro]sec SIFS 10[micro]sec DIFS SIFS+2 x slot time=50[micro]sec RTS 352[micro]sec CTS 304[micro]sec ACK 304[micro]sec MSDU (MAC Layer Data Unit) 1500 bits Bandwidth 2 Mbps Transmission range 250m Carrier sensing range 550m Arrival Rate 8 packets/sec CWmin 32 slots CWmax 1024 slots PHY scheme DSSS Noumber of mobile nodes 50 Terrain size 1500m x 300m Simulation time 900 seconds Transmission radius 100m Mobility model Random Waypoint Traffic CBR Packet size 512 bytes
These Specifications establish essential criteria for the design, performance, equipment, and appearance of the MSDU to be supplied through a single supplier (Manufacturer) with a Two (2) Year Warranty.