MSDWMulti-Cast with Same Destination Wavelength
MSDWMultiple Spin Density Wave
MSDWMetal Studs, Dry Wall (construction)
MSDWMorgan Stanley Dean Witter
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ExxonMobils MSDW process is the industry-leading technology for selective de-waxing to make high quality base oils, with 30 licensed units in operation or under design.
Likewise, stating that MSDW Capital Growth B lost a return of 4.
The Commission also pointed to Visa's main credit card rival MasterCard, saying it does not have any similar rule and has admitted MSDW as a member.
But MSDW reckons a low price presents a buying opportunity.
MSDW believes home values will remain relatively steady despite the economy, due to low interest rates, underbuilt markets and a healthy mortgage finance industry.
Tishman, president and CEO of Tishman Construction, Rob Blackman, executive vice president of Tishman Construction, Steve Newhouse, chairman of Morgan Stanley International, Steve Crawford, chief strategic officer of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (MSDW), George Drake, managing director of Worldwide Corporate Services, MSDW, and David Arena, principal of MSDW.
Dutch-owned express courier and logistics group TNT Post Groep (TPG) is to sell its 50% stake in the Australian airline Ansett to MSDW Aircraft Holdings, a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.
The company also seems to be making progress in its diversifi cation efforts, according to MSDW.
MSDW will occupy most of the space in the technologically advanced corporate facility located in midtown Manhattan.
In addition, Fannie Mae's margin will likely compress as the company spends money on rebalancing its asset/liability durations, according to MSDW.
MSDW has raised its second-quarter forecast for portfolio growth for Fannie Mae from 3 pe rcent to 3.
MSDW occupies 62 percent of the building under a long-term lease.