MSEAMinistry of State for Environmental Affairs (Egypt)
MSEAMultilevel Successive Elimination Algorithm
MSEAMaplestory South East Asia (MMORPG)
MSEAMiami Sports & Exhibition Authority
MSEAModeling & Simulation Executive Agent
MSEAMaine Solar Energy Association
MSEAMotorsport Engineering Alliance (France)
MSEAMetasys Systems Extended Architecture (Johnson Controls)
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This relatively new USDA project builds on the MSEA program, using some of the same ARS study sites.
A study at the MSEA site provided most of the soil information.
Knowledge gained from the MSEA study will ultimately be used to develop techniques for maintaining diverse aquatic microbial populations that can degrade agrochemical pollutants.
Work like USLE and MSEA highlights another hallmark of ARS--the ability to plan and carry out long-term research.
MSEA sponsored the Second Annual Magical Holidays event for the community, as well as being a co-sponsor in events and concerts.
Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can outperform MSEA, FGSE, AdaMSEA and WUI obtain algorithms.
It takes advantage of the MSEA Secure Data Access DLL to securely access the Metasys system extended architecture (MSEA) data, and handles the entire JCI point configuration, MSEA login, MSEA data retrieval, and the formatting of the returned data for display.
Geological Survey's district office in Jackson, Mississippi, the Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute at Mississippi State University, and other organizations in the MSEA consortium.
Assessment of best management \practices for water quality improvement for the Deep Hollow watershed in the Mississippi Delta MSEA Project using AGNPS.
ARS scientists also found that bacteria called fluorescent pseudomonads can degrade metolachlor, propanil and trifluralin -- three commonly used herbicides in the MSEA area.
on behalf of the partners and its limited partners, has filed a declaratory judgment action in Dade County Circuit Court to ensure enforcement of its current contract with the City of Miami and the Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority (MSEA), including an agreement and promise by the City and MSEA not to sponsor a competing arena within the city boundaries so long as Decoma manages the current Miami Arena.
Tenders are invited for Day to Day collection & disposal of garbage, sweeping of roads, common areas and house keeping of specified offices and MSEA buildings at WMS compoua.