MSEHPAModel State Emergency Health Powers Act
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The MSEHPA riled so many people that a second, supposedly less incendiary draft was released a few months after the first.
Despite the initial outcry, much of the MSEHPA has quietly infected statute books throughout the country.
146) Some experts worry that the MSEHPA does not adequately
MSEHPA section 608(a) addresses physicians' legal duties in an
The conditions specified under the MSEHPA represent special circumstances constituting to emergency circumstances.
The required participation is clearly linked to professional status, as evidenced by revisions meant to improve and clarify the Model Act: the first draft, issued in October 2001, characterized failure of health professionals to comply with required participation in treatment of patients following declaration of a public health emergency duties as a criminal act, (48) wherein the revised MSEHPA from December 2001 no longer treated such failure as criminal, but rather as a violation of professional obligations, with penalties involving professional licensure action, rather than criminal charges.
MSEHPA also provides for the exchange of relevant data among lead agencies such as public health, emergency management, and public safety.
MSEHPA provides comprehensive powers to manage property and protect persons in order to safeguard the public's health and security.
Very generally, MSEHPA "provides a modern framework for
good of public health, MSEHPA requires the state to "pay 'just
MSEHPA addresses measures necessary to detect and monitor infectious disease outbreaks.