MSEMMaster of Science in Engineering Management
MSEMMiedzykierunkowe Studia Ekonomiczno-Menedzerskie (Polish: Interdisciplinary Economic and Managerial Studies; Warsaw University; Warsaw, Poland)
MSEMMaster of Science in Environmental Management (degree)
MSEMManufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
MSEMMaster of Science in Emergency Management
MSEMMaison des Sciences de l'Eau à Montpellier
MSEMMean Square Error Method
MSEMMobile Source Emissions Model
MSEMMaître de la Sémantique et des Mots (French: Master of Semantics and Words)
MSEMMultistep State Extrapolation Method
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Adjusting by individual-level confounding factors, the MSEM model showed deviant peer associations as being the greatest influence for both types of adolescent aggressive behaviour, followed by harsh discipline.
MSEM model results showed that the availability of institutional resources had an indirect effect on aggression and delinquency by providing the means for families' healthy socialisation, appearing to reduce parental stress, increase better parental management practice and reduce association with deviant peers, in turn, reducing both aggressive and delinquent behaviour.
In addition, a comparison of the existing source models based on the MSEM for mufflers' TL prediction has been performed.
The TL for this case was also calculated by the MSEM with the newly revised point model for comparison.
Table 1 summarizes the expected values, covariance matrices and MSEM of parameter estimates obtained from using the SM and the EM.
Expressions for expected values, covariance matrices and the MSEM for these predictions are shown for two cases: (1) Z = X (Table 2); and (2) Z [not equal to] X (Table 3).
Although there are differences in the amount of support that male and female adolescents perceive from others, MSEM analyses showed equivalence between both groups in the importance of support providers on self-esteem and depression.
MSEM = multigroup structural equation model, SS = social support, RMSEA = root mean square error of approximation, RMR = root mean residual, GFI = goodness-of-fit index, CFI = comparative goodness-of-fit index, and NNFI = nonnormed fit index.
Specifically, the study (a) tested for the validity of a second-order SF-36 factorial structure, as shown in Figure 1; (b) on evidence of model misfit, determined the best-fitting model; (c) tested for the invariance of factorial measurement and structure across two independent samples from the same population to validate the measurement model; and (d) tested for the invariance of factorial measurement and structure across race, age, and educational subgroups using MSEM methodology.
MSEM will work with Suining Yinfa to comply with U.
MSEM has assumed the responsibilities over a project in Suijiang, Yunnan province of China, whereby MSEM will work with the Chinese government to build a panel production plant to supply the panel products to build a new town with building areas of more than 5,000,000 m2.
The reverse split allows MSEM to develop its merger and acquisition platform as well continue the growth of its business lines within its various subsidiaries.