MSERManufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (UK)
MSERMulti-Service Edge Router
MSERMaximally Stable Extremal Region
MSERMorphine Sulfate Extended-Release (chronic pain medication)
MSERMean Systolic Ejection Rate
MSERManagement System Evaluation Review
MSERMasters of Science in Economic Research (University of North Texas)
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With FREAK [49], we descript the MSER feature detector.
MSER and SIFT perform similar in average time per frame, while they are time-consuming because of fewer feature points.
Since MSER and Hessian-Affine (1) (2) are respectively the best and the second best algorithm in many cases, we make a comparison between ED-MSER, MSER, and Hessian-Affine, to check the validity of the ED-MSER algorithm.
Moreover, based on the filter strategy, an integrated algorithm combined by MSER and SIFT is proposed for robust affine invariant features extraction.
The superior performance of the discrete model is more robust for the larger sample and significantly superior for both the performance measures MSER and MAER.
Table IV supports this hypothesis by showing that when the MSER as the performance measure, the discrete model significantly outperforms the continuous model for firms with small cash-to-liabilities ratios.
Subsequently, MSER regions are efficiently extracted from the image [20] and enhanced using Canny edges ob-tained from the original gray-scale image (Section 2.
MSER (Maximally Stable Extremal Regions), EBR and IBR are all region and boundary based detector.
Since solutions to localization and description are independent [14], we could choose different local image region detection algorithms, such as MSER [25], Harris-Affine, Hessian-Affine [5], EBR, IBR [26], Affine saliency [27], and DOG [6].
Mastering Multiple Sclerosis, a Handbook for MSers and Families (pp.