MSEWMulti Screen Emulator for Windows (software)
MSEWMechanically Stabilized Earth Wall (engineering)
MSEWMotherson Sumi Electric Wires (India)
MSEWMaximum Squared Euclidean Weight
MSEWMid-States Energy Works, Inc. (Kansas)
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This is especially advantageous when soft soils are present in either permanent or temporary surfaces, such as access roads, as well as in erosion control and MSEW systems.
During MSEW, mice underwent maternal separation for four hours per day on days 2-5 after birth, and eight hours per day on days 6-16.
Failure mechanisms of MSEWs were identified as a function of geosynthetic spacing considering the effects of soil strength, reinforcement stiffness, connection strength, secondary reinforcement layers, and foundation stiffness.