MSEWMulti Screen Emulator for Windows (software)
MSEWMechanically Stabilized Earth Wall (engineering)
MSEWMotherson Sumi Electric Wires (India)
MSEWMaximum Squared Euclidean Weight
MSEWMid-States Energy Works, Inc. (Kansas)
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During MSEW, mice underwent maternal separation for four hours per day on days 2-5 after birth, and eight hours per day on days 6-16.
An even more significant milestone was achieved this April when its MSEW (Magma San Manuel Electro Won) copper was listed as a Grade A Copper on the LME for the first time.
Failure mechanisms of MSEWs were identified as a function of geosynthetic spacing considering the effects of soil strength, reinforcement stiffness, connection strength, secondary reinforcement layers, and foundation stiffness.