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MSFCMarshall Space Flight Center
MSFCMultilayer Switch Feature Card (Cisco Systems)
MSFCMultilayer Switch Feature Card
MSFCMedical Students For Choice
MSFCMetropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (Minneapolis, MN)
MSFCMelbourne Science Fiction Club (Melbourne, Australia)
MSFCMalia and Sasha Fan Club (Obama children)
MSFCMillion Standard Cubic Feet (gas measurement)
MSFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes
MSFCMobile Strike Force Command (US Army Special Forces)
MSFCMighty Sad Funpu Chicken (gaming group)
MSFCMarine Sciences and Fisheries Centre (Oman)
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They will bring it to MSFC late this year for final flight certification testing and checkout, and it will ship for flight integration early in 2018 with a spring launch anticipated.
The center's exploration into 3D printing began in June 2011 when a team of MSFC engineers conducted the first hot fire test of a 3D printed part--a hot gas duct for the gas generator of the J-2X rocket engine.
No significant differences were found between groups for the ICARS, MSFC, TIS, and BBS (Table 4).
The four measures of the MSFC can be used formatively to assess the progression of FA, but may not be the best assessment to use.
A few specific subjects detailed include experiential investigation of airbreathing laser propulsion engines, modular laser options for HX laser launch, and laser power beaming at DFRC and MSFC.
MSFC services include IT systems and services support for programs and projects for which MSFC is responsible.
He joined the MSFC Commercial Accounting Office in 1989.
52) The contracting officer instructed the MSFC construction manager (CM) (53) to go to "Gate 9" to receive bids and to act as a courier for the bids because he was concerned that base security measures might delay bidders.
In this instance, the authors have done an admirable job of describing how MSFC changed over the course of three decades.
Since then, MSFC has been instrumental in reintroducing abortion as a medical procedure and a matter of public health into the curricula of the nation's medical schools.
MSFC was founded in 1993 in response to the extremist tactics of the anti-choice movement and the appalling lack of abortion training available in medical schools across the country.
We recommend that MSFC withdraw its existing authorizations and contract provisions, charge Rocketdyne rent for its future commercial use, and recover rent for past commercial use,'' the 33-page report says.