MSLDMaritime Survivor Locating Device
MSLDMass Spectrometer Leak Detector
MSLDMarc Stapleford Landscape Design (UK)
MSLDMaster of Science in Land Development (degree; Texas A&M University)
MSLDMean Sea Level Datum (vertical surveying datum)
MSLDManchester Scene Description Language
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Observers rated each item on the CCS separately for the behavior of the MSLD and for the behavior of the remaining students in the classroom (as a whole).
The independent variable for this study was student type: general education or MSLD.
No instrument specifically included both teacher and student behaviors relative to accommodating MSLDs, as well as interactions between teachers and students or among students.
The Classroom Climate Scale (CCS) was developed to provide a reliable and valid measure of teacher and student behavior in general education classrooms containing MSLDs.
To address these questions, we compared each item on the observation scale for MSLDs with their general education classmates.
We were also interested in the extent to which assignments, seating, and other classroom structures were different for MSLDs and general education students.
Results indicated that teachers' instructional behaviors were consistent across grade groupings and were not significantly different for MSLDs and general education students.
Significant differences between MSLDs and general education students occurred within the student-initiated behavior component.