MSLNMaine School and Library Network
MSLNMatanuska-Susitna Library Network (Alaska)
MSLNMonostearin Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
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Most MSLN participants join the network with the goal of becoming better leaders so they can move their schools forward.
Ironically, many MSLN members enter the program uncertain about themselves as leaders; they don't have a clear idea of their skills and talents; some seriously question whether they are leaders.
Most MSLN members enter into the experience understanding leadership in primarily cognitive terms: they view leadership as projecting ideals and "best practice," then convincing others to "go forth and do likewise.
The MSLN takes seriously the matter of "leader impacts.
We and the MSLN participants have developed various methods to gather three broad types of evidence of impacts.
With each new group of MSLN participants, we are learning that, unless school leaders are engaged in assessing their impacts on themselves, their colleagues, and their students, their skills and sense of professional efficacy cannot grow.
The role of MSLN facilitator takes account of the vital importance of companionship in leadership growth, an importance evidenced by the universally positive evaluations of facilitators by participants.
Although facilitators work hard to develop open, trusting relationships with participants, they are also responsible for assessing work and posting grades for participants who receive graduate credit for participating in the MSLN.
MSLN participants generally give the CCTs high praise.