MSLPMean Sea Level Pressure
MSLPManufacturer's Suggested List Price (retail)
MSLPMusic Sample Library Project
MSLPMissouri Student Loan Program (Missouri Department of Higher Education)
MSLPMedical Strategic Leadership Program
MSLPMaster of Speech-Language Pathology
MSLPMulti-Step Linear Prediction
MSLPMedium Speed Line Printer
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Due to a lack of TCWV model data, the climate change and EIO SST relationships with MSLP and TCWV over SEA and the surrounding region were investigated using ERA-20C instead.
In connection with the MSLP acquisition, Phillips 66 Partners will enter into a new 15-year tolling agreement that includes a base throughput fee and minimum volume commitment from Phillips 66.
The fields of the wind speed and the MSLP analysis at 12 UTC mainly differ in the centre of the storm Christian, as it is shown in Figs 3 and 4.
The results of studies examining the effect of MSLP on consumers' perceptions are mixed (see reviews by Grewal and Compeau 1992).
Strong Competitive Position: The competitive position of MSLP suggests its sustainable long-term strategic and economic value to Phillips 66.
Fitch notes that the sponsor has historically funded MSLP capital calls.
45[degrees]C between MSLP and 100 hPa (indicating computed values of the boiling temperature were too warm) and a mean error of about 1.
They showed that assimilations of the MSLP data were an improvement over the AMIP-type models (which featured only SST/sea ice assimilation).
This record low rainfall was associated with extreme high MSLP over much of southeast Australia (Fig.
1996; normalized MSLP difference between Tahiti and Darwin (various other indices are also commonly used); Kaplan 2011; section 4b] is an indicator.