MSLSSMultidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale
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Means and Standard Deviations for MSLSS And ADMS Subscales by Gender Female Male Whole (n = 432) (n = 486) sample (N = 918) M SD M SD M SD General satisfaction 3.
The MSLSS (Huebner, 2001) had its origins in the positive psychology literature.
The MSLSS is a 40-item scale designed to measure five domains of life satisfaction: family, friends, school, neighborhood, and self-satisfaction (i.
Life satisfaction was measured with a Turkish version of the MSLSS (Huebner, 1994).
For the present study, the factor structure of the MSLSS was studied using two separate factor analyses of data for pupils from another randomly selected Anatolian high school in Antalya.