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MSMAMissouri State Medical Association (Jefferson City, MO, USA)
MSMAmonosodium methanearsonate (pesticide)
MSMAManual Saliran Mesra Alam (Manual for Malaysia)
MSMAMagnetic Shape Memory Alloy
MSMAMississippi State Medical Association
MSMAMount Saint Mary Academy (various locations)
MSMAMail Systems Management Association (New York, NY)
MSMAMuscle Shoals Music Association (Muscle Shoals, AL, USA)
MSMAMain Street Merchants Association
MSMAMagazine Street Merchants Association (New Orleans, LA)
MSMAMount Soledad Memorial Association (California)
MSMAMaine School Management Association
MSMAMusic Study, Mobility and Accountability
MSMAMember of the Sports Massage Association
MSMAMurray Spalding Movement Arts
MSMAMotorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association
MSMAMaster of Science in Marketing Analytics
MSMAMembrane Structures Manufacturers Association (Canada)
MSMAMichigan Society of Medical Assistants
MSMAMessage Store and Message Access
MSMAMinnesota Street Machine Association
MSMAMaryland Society of Medical Assistants
MSMAMakarov State Marine Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia)
MSMAMoist-Soil Management Advisor (software)
MSMAMaster of Science in Marketing Analysis
MSMAMary Seacole Memorial Association (UK)
MSMAMinnesota State Medical Association
MSMAMetal Stud Manufacturers Association
MSMAMulti-Slice Multi-Angle (medical imaging)
MSMAMargarine and Shortening Manufacturers' Association
MSMAMaryland Society of Medical Acupuncture (also seen as MSMA)
MSMAMid States Meat Association
MSMAMethane Sodium Methyl Arsonate
MSMAMale Sub-Miniature A (connector)
MSMAMinnesota Society of Municipal Analysts
MSMAMichigan State Medical Association
MSMAMeasurement System Methods Analysis
MSMAMassachusetts Society of Medical Assistants, Inc.
MSMAminimum significant measurable activity
MSMAMurrell-Shaw-Musher-Amos Exchange Perturbation Theory
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Commercial Technical Chemical product product group DMA 2,4-D Phenoacetic acid Agimix Alachlor + Chloroacetanilide Atrazine + Triazine Siptran, Atranex Atrazine Triazine and Herbitrim Fusilade Fluazifop Aryloxyphenoxy p-butyl propionate Gliz and roundup Glyfosate Glicine derivate original Dual S-metalachlor Acetanilides Fortex Msma + Diuron Organoarsenic + Urea MSMA Msma Organoarsenic Gramoxone Paraquat Bypiridyls Padron Picloran Pyridinecarboxylic acid Tordon Picloram + Picolinic and 2,4 - D Phenoxyacetic acid Combine Tebuthiuron Urea derivate Trifluralina Trifluralin Dinitroaniline Commercial Concentration Concentration product of technical used in this product study (mg/L) DMA 670 g/L 0.
Editor's Note: Amicus Curiae Briefs" were filed by the AMA in support of MSMA and by the Citizens for Midwifery.
Fenoxaprop will suppress bermudagrass growing in zoysiagrass turf, and repeat applications of MSMA will help to control bahiagrass that is infesting bermudagrass.
The bid from the MSMA (the highest) is accepted and a half-acre of land around the cross is sold for $106,000.
MSMA as a solution was applied to the soil surface and incorporated before planting.
The MSMA also wants physicians to send a personalized form letter to all their patients.
MSMA caused similar levels of injury in both 2000 and 2001, with injury levels ranging form 0.
This study examined the interaction between glutathione and MSMA as part of the mechanism of resistance.
It has been shown that a polyetheralkanolamine with 41 moles EO gave the best performance among its homologues and hence we will compare its efficiency with conventional dispersants including a styrene acrylate copolymer, an acetylenic diol surfactant, and a MSMA.
Applications of the herbicides dithiopyr [S,S-dimethyl 2-(difluoromethyl)-4-(2-methylpropyl)-6-(tri-fluoromethyl) -3,5-pyridinedicarbothioate] and MSMA (monosodium methanearsonate) on 28 Feb.