MSP2Merozoite Surface Protein 2 (biochemistry)
MSP2Major Surface Protein 2
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19] (Wellcome) (22, 23) and MSP2 (FC27) (24) were compared with the fluorescence measured for the corresponding antigens in the microarray assay (Fig.
Although some antigens, such as apical membrane antigen (AMA)-1, MSP2, and MSP3, were recognized more frequently than others, each serum differed in its antigen reactivity profile.
Sera falling into cluster 1 typically recognized AMA-1, the 2 MSP2 variants (FC27 and 3D7), and various combinations of the MSP1 block 2 proteins.
marginale, designadas como MSPla (105KDa) y MSP1b (100-105KDa), MSP2 (36KDa), MSP3 (86KDa), MSP4 (31KDa) y la MSP5 (19KDa) [3, 24, 25, 39].
Anaplasma phagocytophilum MSP2 (P44)-18 predominates and is modified into multiple isoforms in human myeloid cells.