MSUAMobile Satellite Users Association
MSUAMongolian State University of Agriculture (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
MSUAMinistry of State for Urban Affairs (Canada)
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MSUA is off to a strong start with our newly elected 2018 Board of Directors and a record number of 29-member companies Au 12 new and 17 returning — dedicated to collaborating in support of satellite mobility innovation and market development," saidCatherine Melquist,president of MSUA.
Representing a diverse mix of mobility market leaders, the 2018 MSUA Board of Directors includes:
I'd like to thank Chairman Bob Roe and the MSUA for recognizing the importance of small antennas in the marine community and that mini-VSAT Broadband offers mobile satellite users an alternative over L-band services or traditional 'big dish' VSAT," said Brent C.
MSUA is a non-profit association that promotes the interests of mobile satellite users worldwide.
Perhaps conscious of the centralizing top-down potential of MSUA, the federal government introduced a number of mechanisms for enhancing citizen and local engagement during this period.
Along with the demise of the MSUA, the cancellation of the trilevel conference symbolized the end of an era that saw attempts at building a comprehensive multilevel governance approach on a national scale replaced by more opportunistic trilateral arrangements geared to specific cities and regions.
The MSUA was set up as a policy, rather than a program department.
The final proposals are remarkably similar to those of the duties of the earlier MSUA (see table 2).
We're delighted that the MSUA has highlighted the innovative design of the newest addition to the established SAILOR VSAT portfolio.
The MSUA had a short life-span (1971-79) due to the effect of a weak economy, the refocusing of the federal government on other matters, and the changing dynamics that characterized federal-provincial relations at the end of the 1970s.
MSUA fuelled municipal aspirations for increased autonomy and for larger shares of public funds by organizing three so-called tripartite conferences (in Toronto in 1972, Edmonton in 1973, and Montebello, Quebec, in 1976).
With MSUA-2, we're giving current and potential users of the technology a chance to meet with each other, as well as with manufacturers, resellers, service providers and regulators, to discuss what the industry is doing, and needs to do, to continue to meet their growing needs," said MSUA President Ahmad Ghais.